On September 30th, Cuddly Brain had been in the Poptropica Community for a few months, then decided to create a blog of his own, thinking he’s ready for a challenge! And thus, Poptropica Fun and Guides (the former name) was born. Like all other blogs, you have to start somewhere. I started with these ugly things. Blame the pixel art site I used to use for that.

As October started, I had a small graphical update, with the help of Poptropica’s photo booth. A sp00py header was created for Halloween! (it went through a few updates). The blog also joined the Poptropica Bloggers Network on October 1st!

On October 4th, the blog reached 50 hits upon creating the site 5 days ago. I had to create some trash with the pixel art site, I’ve done it a few times on other blogs.


On October 15th, the PFAG’s first weekly series was announced! It was… Interviews on the Hump!

At the beginning of November, I created “The Blog Update That Changed The World” (sorry for that Minecraft 1.7 update reference right there). The blog had been changed to the one you know and love today, the Brainy Pop Blog! Short Feather also made a noice new header!


On November 29th, Interviews on the Hump sadly died. It will be missed.

On December 4th, a new weekly series began! His name was… FIND G FRIDAYYYY!!!


On December 27th, I hosted my first poll (not using PollDaddy or anything like that.)  It was to decide my hair color for 2017! Which came out on top? Go green hair!


As the new year started, on January 7th, the BPB was hiring! And so… on January 12th, Smart Flame and Lucky Wing joined the blog!

On January 20th, the Brainy Pop Blog reached 500 hits! The Brainy Pop Chat was also opened to everyone.

On February 23rd, another weekly series, Saturday Statistics was announced. Lists!

On May 23rd, Poptropica Worlds was released to all, in which we managed to revive this blog!

On June 10th, Saturday Statistics made it’s debut and we were inviting 5 mystery Poptropicans to join us on the blog!

On June 11th, Smart Flame started his new series, Discovering the Poptropinet!

On June 18th, Magic Sinker joined the blog!

On June 25th, Sporty Boa joined the blog!

On June 28th, Fierce Flyer, Short Feather, and Bendy Flyer joined the blog!

What’s next…