The Epic Odyssey Ahead!

Yo guys, it’s your pal SB here on the Brainy Pop Blog delivering you some fantastic news!

Random Guy: “We’ve all heard the news Sporty Boa, Greek Sea-”

GREEK SEA ODYSSEY, Poptropica World’s newest and possibly awesome-est island is out for all (members) to play!

RG: *Glares at me* …

Isn’t it exciting?! Can you feel the hype?

RG: “Trying not to.”

Key word there is “trying” see, it’s impossible! New items in the store, all new story line and Zeus is returning to exact his revenge on us mortals! (Maybe that’s not so awesome…) To prepare for the moment when the island opens for us non-members, I’ve put together my odyssey costume:

sporty Odyssey








What do ya think?

Random Guy: “I think-”

Type down in the comments what you’re most excited for if you haven’t yet ventured to sea. And if you have, NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Make sure to have a wonderful day and I catch you later, Brainy Boa out!

Sporty Odyssey 2



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