Poppies Prep


It’s that time of year again, Poppie-tropicans.

The Poppies, the annual awards hosted by the PHB have returned, and it’s one of the greatest community events! Dressing up, partying all the time, it’s an amazing thing to attend!

First of all, an outfit is REALLY needed, considering it’s a formal event. I put mine together a bit easier than I thought. I created it using a yellow-and-blue theme, originated from two signature outfit parts.


Also, there’s one even more special part I forgot to mention; I was nominated for Best MPIP! Although voting has closed already, I hope you voted for me! You are also able to read it here. Now for some past advertising, provided by a non-computerized photo editor.

Hope to see all of you guys attend! Let’s hop to the party in three days!



  1. I just read your MPIP again and I think there was one reason why it got voted

    BEcause you said that you quit Club Penguin because of Disneys actions to the game ::_::
    Also I have an idea for a Blog post that you should do. Do a blog post where you show what you voted for in the poppies


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