What Has Happened?

Hi guys, Magic Sinker popping in today, to bring you… Memories of 2017!

Sure, we just passed the half-way mark of this year (June 21st), wait, which reminds me, happy new month! Anyway, back to what I was saying: just because we are halfway through doesn’t mean we can’t do this! So stop the talk, let’s start.

5. The Map got (yet another) update.

If you saw the PHB’s post a couple weeks ago, then you know what I’m talking about. The Islands were ranked in Easy, Medium, and Hard categories, and a few Islands went missing! All in all, I liked this Update!

4. Many new blogs were formed.

I am not really up-to-date on other Poptropicans’ blogs, but I know that at least two blogs were formed, including The Poptastic Blog and Sporty Boa’s Blog. Many more blogs to come in the future!

3. The first LGBT+ party was thrown.

There’s not much to say about this, but it sure was a first. I’m happy that so many Poptropicans were able to make it, and learned to love one another! Check out this recap!

2. The New Poptropica was named Poptropica Worlds.

You all know this already, hopefully, but after nearly a year of all this “New Poptropica” business, the teaser video came out! We then started receiving Sneak Peeks, which leads up to…

1. Poptropica Worlds came out!

Yay! I know, I know, it had lots of glitches to begin with, but it’s gotten better, and for most of us, Bleachy Boy has been fixed!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this, and I wish you a happy rest-of-July! See ya later Poptropicanators, Magic Sinker out!



  1. One of the glitches is that on the second restart on Cirsis Caverns you cannot pick up the worm egg. Instend the player keeps saying “thats a odd looking egg”. The player is supposed to pick up the egg but it does not happen…


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