Find G Friday: Week 12


Welcome back, welcome back, Hoptropicans, to Find G Friday, where you find Cuddly Brain. Another week, another image. Analyze the following picture to determine which island it’s located!


People: On a building again?

G-Hopper: Yes, we need buildings. They often raise difficulty.

People: But you’re on them too oft-

G-Hopper: Silence.

Well then, get your comments down below, or DM me on Discord if you haven’t got a method of commenting. If it’s your first time doing this, or need a guide, the guidelines for this series will be shown now.

  • I’ve seen lots of comments saying “you beat me!” You’re never late! It’s not like that person’s guess was the actual answer. You never know!
  • One guess per commenter
  • (for BPB staff only) You are not allowed to guess. Give all of them readers chances!

Can you find me? Remain hopping, and you’ll find the way. But, that’s it for this post, guys, see y’all next time on the Brainy Pop Blog.   

 Image result for small green heart~G~ Image result for small green heart



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