Find G Friday: Week 11

Hello hoppers, welcome back to Find G Friday! Wow, has it been a while, my dudes! When was the last time we did this? Um… February 18th? Let’s get started right away, then!


Let’s get the show on the road! Here’s this week’s image! Is it a bit difficult? We’ll see!


Get guessing peeps! Also, happy summer vacation to those out of school (sadly not me)! Comment your answer! Liek and subscrib!!!!!!!!! Anyway, here are some guidelines for this series down below!

  • I’ve seen lots of comments saying “you beat me!” You’re never late! It’s not like that person’s guess was the actual answer. You never know!
  • One guess per commenter
  • (for BPB staff only) You are not allowed to guess.

And so… last time’s winner was Purple Claw! I’ll get you some giant fries as your prize, french fry king!


See you all next week, Poptropicans! Stay awesome, and as always, keep on hopping,





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