Saturday Statistics: Goes Bi-Weekly; Week 1 (and a great announcement!)


Welcome back Poptropica Worldians! (don’t mind that little name, I’ve been using it since the reveal of the name ‘Poptropica Worlds’) Now that Worlds has been upon us for a while now, why not start off the addition of PW with a previously planned weekly series, so let’s start off our dawn of Poptropica Worlds with the first ever Saturday Statistics! Today’s list will be my Top 5 Poptropica Worlds Features! This is all based on my opinion, and comments are always welcome telling what would be on your list!

5. The Map


Firstly, we have the map. It’s on number 5 in the list due to some issues. I enjoy the design of the islands currently on it, and advertisements on the map have carried over from the original Poptropica. One thing missing from our original world is the blimp moving with your cursor. It  was a real classic, fun messing around by moving the mouse rapidly. (The birds on the Poptropica Original map were also fun to mess with.)

This feature gets…


3.5 cacti of approval!

4. Fun Glitches

<no image available; -g>

Another I tend to enjoy is the glitches that make the game amusing, such as the “swimming on land” glitch. Although now I cannot trigger the glitch, another is one I do all the time. I call it the “odd animations” glitch, in which animations are performed when they are not meant to, like rolling on house stairs and floating on the house roof. But, since some are gone, it’s number four.

This feature gets…


3.75 cacti of approval!

3. Interior and Clothing Designing

The addition of houses has really pushed the creativity of Poptropicans, being able to design it any way you like. Thanks to Poptropica Worlds, anyone can be an interior designer! At times, houses could be cluttered up, unfortunately. (Yes that’s me, the picky child of cleanliness) The clothing in the game is also extremely detailed and stylish. Any crazy outfit could be created with the store’s choices! Sadly, I believe customization is very limited (for now).

This feature gets…


4.25 cacti of approval!

2. Animations

Something else I enjoy about Poptropica Worlds is the tons of animations. Now that Poptropicans literally have joints, things have changed in amazing ways. The swimming animation looks great, along with running. One of my favorites is going down ropes. The legs that were once noodles swing in the breeze… IMO, the idle animations were not needed, but I still like it.

This feature gets…


4.75 cacti of approval!

Now, number one on the list is…




Worship it. Appreciate it. You’ve seen it for the entire post. This may or may not count as part of number 3. With the famous house decoration, the cactus, being so cheap, things have been created by community members, such as chandeliers, arches, rooms, and more. I have a cacti room myself! I’ll buy ’em ’til I run out of space! This is just amazing to push creativity in players. What cacti creation is next?

This feature gets…


5 out of 5 cacti of approval!

That’s it for this week’s Saturday Statistics! Just to let you know, we’re going bi-weekly from now on, so there will be no SS next week, but there will be the following week. Have suggestions for the next list? Comment down below or contact me on Discord.

You thought it was over? Well, there’s a surprise!

 pokemon adorable pikachu ash ketchum hoopa GIF

For the next five days, five Poptropicans will be chosen to join the BPB team! If you’re one of the Poptropicans, be sure to check your Discord DM! Cheerful Beetle of Poptropica Worlds, out!





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