PW Mystery Item Trio

Hello, this is G-Hopper, and we’re sorry for this inactivity! I’m lay-zay boi. 😦

But to make up for that, the final Poptropica Worlds mystery item has been revealed! Take a look:


In my opinion, I thought it looked like an arcade machine. Perhaps minigames in our whole new world? But at first sight, I thought it looked like some sort of pillar or column, hinting that Mythology Island or Time Tangled Island will be remastered in Poptropica Worlds. Whatever it is, it’ll be a great addition to the game. 😀

Now, let me check this next item to say my opinions.


I don’t know what to say… but, this could be involved with Crisis Caverns. To me, this looks like a large rock with some kind of gem inside of it. It could also be just a random egg, maybe daily surprise eggs in Poptropica Worlds? :3 Last thing, it could be an overflowing sack of credits! ALL THE MONEYZ!

It’s time for the first mystery item ever revealed, this will be our last for the post…


Maybe, in Poptropica Worlds, there will be customizable belts, special ones, not the ones on NPCs or ones that come with the pants. Or perhaps this is in some way something to do with Crisis Caverns, as on the sides I can see some sort of reflectors. It looks like decently advanced technology. Around the buckle, maybe there’s a light, to see inside the caves of Crisis Caverns.

Are y’alls hyped yet for Worlds? Let’s hope the release is soon!



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