Find G Friday: Week 10 + The Lovely #Poptropica Love winners!


‘Sup guys? Haven’t seen me post in a while, have ya? Well, it’s ya boi, G, back with Find G Friday! You ready for todays pic? Let’s go! (PRETENDING IT’S STILL FRIDAY THIS POST WAS STARTED ON FRIDAY)

Wake up and be ready for new adventure!

Where am I? Put where you think in the comments below!

Well, I feel like putting the new guidelines in every FGF post so…

  • I’ve seen lots of comments saying “you beat me!” You’re never late! It’s not like that person’s guess was the actual answer. You never know!
  • One guess per commenter
  • (for BPB staff only) You are not allowed to guess.

In totally unrelated news, the #PoptropicaLove winners have been announced! Here are the winning entries! And they are lovely!

Entries from AClarice C., @Toxic_Lexia81, @Dane07074, @plays_koalas, @queen_bree_marie_carlin

Enjoy your memberships guys! Right now I feel like showing off my beautiful entry (that didn’t win).


The villains have no love. >:D Maybe DD can go with Cupid, and Cap’n Crawfishy and Zoos can fall in love with the jumping hearts. xD

Well, I hope all you Hop-tropicans had a popping Valentine’s Day! Goodbye!



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