A “Beautiful” New Ad!

Hi Guys! Smart Flame here, and recently Poptropica added a new ad!  It’s about the upcoming Disney re-make of Beauty and The Beast!  Although it’s just a video, you can still earn an awesome prize! screenshot-2017-02-17-at-10-50-04-pm

It only shows Belle in Poptropican form, who is the lead female role in the film and will be played by Emma Watson (#HermoineGranger!).  The video shows you the ad, and you win a Lumiere follower who creates a glow effect with space bar!


Before I leave, I just want to say 2 amazing things!  First I learned how to screen shot on a chromebook, and I learned how to delete files from my folder!  So my folder is empty, and my life is a little bit easier!  Well that’s all to the ad, and see you next post! ~Smart Flame



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