Poptropica Stories! Part 3!

Poptropica Stories! Poptropica Stories! Part 2  Hi guys! Smart Flame here, and today I’m going to continue where we left off, with Amelia about to give Grey Fang flying lessons.  Sorry that I haven’t posted this in like a week, but it took a while to plan the story!  Read the first two stories (In the links above) if you haven’t already have, so you’ll be caught up to Grey Fangs situation!

Grey Fang’s wind-whipped hair blew in the breeze as Amelia was giving her a demonstration flight.  The sun-kissed clouds cleared away for the base of the blimp as it came through.  Freedom rushed through Grey Fang’s body, for once being free of the water limits of her tiny island.  The truth was that Grey Fang could already fly, but without a license she’d get nowhere.  That was why as soon as this lesson was over, she’d blow this Popsicle Stand and head for the city.  Amid the clouds rose a large machine, with the letters SB painted on the side.  It was sleek, gliding through the air as if it was cutting it.

It seemed like it happened in the blink of an eye.  The silver edge tearing open the blimp, leaving it to a fast and fiery descent in the water.  Waves of over 30 feet rose in the air, crushing the flames, leaving the destroyed aircraft to send billowing smoke into the air, while resting on the water.  Grey Fang searched for oxygen, finding nothing but smoke killing her by the second.  She tried hard, but there was simply not enough air to breathe.  Her limp passed just after being nudged, and then pulled in an unknown direction.

Coughing for air, Grey Fang awoke abruptly.  The blimp in ashes, she could tell by the minute it still disintegrated, from the poor structure weakened by fire.  Amelia’s was laid burnt, floating on the water. Grey Fang had started to think, Had Amelia burnt in the fire?  Or did she lose oxygen?  If she did survive where was she?  “The closest land is east, which means we’d swim away from the setting sun.”  Amelia was always thinking; Always planning.  The long trek would take several hour by swimming at least.  They began their descent into the night sky, when the part of the aircraft that had knocked them down that read SB lay in front of them.  Then a stir in the water made it become clear they weren’t alone.

Well that’s all for this week, so stay tuned for the next Poptropica Stories. Let us know what you thought in the comments below! ~Smart Flame






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