Can you feel the love tonight?

Hey Hop-tropicans! LW here! Man have I been a bad author. Haven’t been posting not to mention I’m 2 days late. Sorry! I promise I’m still alive! Now what’s up with the title? Have I seen the Lion King too many times recently and in posting in it, once again on the wrong blog? Nope! It’s almost Valentine’s day and Poptropica’s celebrating! If you haven’t already noticed, they’ve reopened the Lovey-Dovey photo booth!





Director D x DJ Saturday Nite? Nope, just not seeing it.

Anyways,all you have to do is make a photo and post it on the usual, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And then there’s me. Who doesn’t have one. Oh well!

I have noticed one little error, just a little glitch! I can’t even access the thing! I mean, I go to Home Island, same as usual, and the reporter lady is there, not the pouty girl in the glasses. (Is it bad that I sorta want to deck her in the face? The pouty girl, not the reporter.) When I click on the photo booth, it’s the exact same as usual. But, then again everything else was broken too. The internet has been against me this weekend. *Sigh* I’ll figure it out Monday. I have time. In the meantime, I’ll be spending the next 3 days hiding from any male that’s not a close friend. Thus is my life. XD We’ll see who wins! OK, LW out, later!

PS: Can you feel, the love tonight? The peace the evening brings… šŸ˜‰



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