Poptropica Stories! Part 2

Hi guys!  Today I’m going to continue with Grey Fang’s story!  If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can check that out here ( Poptropica Stories! ).

The clouds started closing in on the blimp, and Grey Fang could tell they were about to land.  Poptropicans cleared out of our way as we started to touch the ground.  Perfect Star hopped out of the blimp.  “Grey Fang, get out of the blimp!  We’re on Home Island.”  Grey Fang didn’t get out.  “Grey Fang you are to follow me and my orders.  Get out!”  That was when Grey Fang did it.  She hoisted the sand bags off the blimp.  She locked the blimp, as it rose into the air.  “Grey Fang!  Give me my blimp back! You’ll pay for this!”  Grey Fang didn’t care about Perfect Star.  She didn’t care that she just stole her blimp.  She needed to get away.

Her blimp lowered into an island her parents once described, Home Island.  She landed and walked out into the clean, fresh independent air.  She stepped out to be confronted by a man and a woman.  “Can we see your blimp license ma’am?”  Grey Fang didn’t know what to say.  “Uh….. I don’t have one.”  “Then we’ll be taking this.”  And just like that the blimp was gone.  Grey Fang was devastated.  She sat down, defeated.  “Hey, I’m Amelia!”  “What do you want?”  “Well, I realized your predicament, and I’m a trained blimp adventurer trainer!  I was wondering if you wanted some lessons!”  She had an optimistic tone to her voice.   “I have no money!  I won’t fall for your tricks!”  Grey Fang thought she knew what the lady was doing, but she was wrong.  “No, I want to give you lessons for free!””Really?!”  And just like that, Grey Fang was learning to fly.



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