Poptropica News!

Today the creators made a post that kind of told us what was going on at Poptropica and how everything is going.  One thing they talked about was the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest.  They said that they’ve narrowed down the costumes, but are still searching for the top 10.  They also mentioned that a Poptropica Worlds FAQ would take place this later this week.  I’m very excited for this, but they’ve used the term later before, and they really meant later so I’m not sure it’ll come out this week.  But I have faith in them to get it done!  They also mentioned that the voting for February’s islands of the month will end tomorrow.  They also reminded us that January’s islands of the month are only available for the remainder of the week.  That’s all they had to say and I can’t wait for the FAQ!  Also sorry for no picture, there was no picture that I could find that’d be good for the post.  Bye! ~Smart Flame


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