Poptropica Stories!

Today I wanted to bring you a story of Grey Fang, Perfect Star, and Smart Brain! The story starts with Grey Fang, and will introduce the other characters as the story moves on!

Grey Fang stared at the blimp as it collected dust.  It was the last object she had of her parents after their cruise boat crashed of the coast of Reality TV island.  Later, her parent’s friend, Perfect Star, would come to the house to take care of her.  The house was silent in the absence of her parents.  Even on a Sunny day, it felt like the lights were dimmer, the house was colder, and the minutes felt longer. Grey Fang didn’t want to do anything except cry.  Silence filled the air as hours passed while Grey Fang read or cried.  Night was approaching and there was still no sign of Perfect Star.

Wind blew into Grey Fang’s face as she could feel herself rising into the air.  Only the bottom of a poptropican standing above her was recognizable.  A loud and booming voice projected from the person above her, shouting unrecognizable words, but it was clear who the person was: Perfect Star.  “Stand up Grey Fang, you’ve got a long day today.”  “Where are you taking me?  Where’s home island?  I just want to see my parents!” Grey Fang felt lost and was lost.  “I’m afraid to say it, but you’re parents died two days ago in a boat crash.  And you’re in my blimp.” Home felt like a distant memory, instead of the place she’d just sat hours ago.  “Where are we going anyways?”  “You’ll see soon enough.”  The blimp started to fall down in the blanket of clouds around the area.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the installment of Grey Fang’s stories! ~Smart Flame



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