February IotM Voting

Hey Hop-tropicans, LW here! Hey, you may have noticed, but the islands of the month next month are being done a bit differently.

That came out weird.

Hurray for the English language!

Anyways, so the creators are letting us vote for the next island of the month.

Super Hero and Reality TV are the options. i’ve already done both multiple times, and already for my channel, so i’m undecided. i voted, but i don’t remember which one i voted for, it was late when i did it.

Wait a tic, those pictures look familiar… Aren’t those from… the PHB?


That’s weird. I mean, the Creators have pretty much complete control over Poptropica and can get the pictures elsewhere, and they get them from the PHB. Why? Maybe they’re lazy. Who can say.


Anyways, there’s more. The poll ends the 27th and they haven’t told us the next one. It’s funny, they’re doing this now, with the… NEVER MIND. i just realized what that would start. I’m sorry. Anyways, currently, the numbers are pretty even, with Realitly TV barelly in the lead. if you’re for Super Power, SPAM THE SURVEY!

I’m totally kidding. Don’t do that. Please. It’s not fair. In other news, it’s Friday. That’s it. Thank goodness for the weekend. So go out and vote! It’s for POPTROPICA!! (i’m sorry! i shouldn’t have done that.) OK, LW out, later!




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