500 Hits!

Well, Hop-tropicans, after a few months of blogging, we’ve hit a milestone! What is it?

500 HITS!!!


And yes, I made this poorly made but decent little graphic for this event.

I also have a gift from me to you…

The Brainy Pop Chat is now open!

You heard me! The blog finally has a chat! Join the fun by clicking here! Spread the word about this place, as I think about throwing parties sometimes! And without many members, the parties won’t be as awesome.

Now just a huge thank you to everyone who has read this blog…

Thank you, and thank you, and thank you, and thank everybody. Have I already said thank you? I’m just so happy to see how much this blog has grown. Ever since that first post with the former blog name, “Poptropica Fun and Guides,” I knew I was in for a ride. I’ve come so far, from just a little nooby blog with one author to an even better blog with better graphics and more authors to work with.

Well bye guys! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!




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