Theory Time!

Drawing (1).png

After creating a post about islands, I was wondering, What island are you from?  First I thought it was up to you, but then I started thinking of three different possibilities.   One theory could be that we’re from a larger mainland.  Or that we’re in a situation like Oliver and Jorge’s where we’re from an alternate dimension.  Or that we’re from an island that best represents our poptropicans.


This in my opinion is the most likely of situations.  I had a theory that the Booted Bandit was our twin and that he/she ran away from their home.  I think a mainland would be more likely because, if you run away, you’re more likely to make farther as opposed to being on a small island.  Also, since our home was never mentioned, I believe something happened between you and you’re causing you to not talk to them.  So it’d be smarter to island if you’re parents were on mainland if you wanted to avoid them.

Alternate Dimension

So Jorge and Oliver made it by alternate dimension, so doesn’t that seem more likely?  But I have a theory that Oliver and Jorge we never at Poptropica.  Because they already lived on Poptropica!  When in the fake Poptropica they never find any island we’ve seen on the game, and the islands are nothing like the game’s islands.  So I think that they went to an alternate dimension.  Also since there was no other account of dimension traveling to Poptropica, this theory is disproved.

An Island That Best Represents Us

I don’t think this theory, because islands don’t have personalties, and each island character has a different personality, so no one really is represented best by their own island.  Also if this was true that’d mean at least once we’d hit home island.


Overall, mainland has the most evidence, therefore making it the most likely theory  So that’s all for this post, so see you soon!  ~Smart Flame




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