So you wanna be an author?

of Brainy Pop Blog!

Do you have the skills to be

number one!?

Yes, definitely referencing to the Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands theme song.

But, due to me being lazy/busy, now’s your chance to become an author on the blog! Two authors will be chosen. Comment below answers to these questions and stuff.

What’s your Gravatar/Wordpress username?


Any current or past blogging experience?

You’ll need to be active to be an author on the Brainy Pop Blog On a scale of 1 to 10, how active will you be?

Do you go on Discord?

Aight, Hop-tropicans! If you want to be an author, now’s your chance to comment below your answers to the questions! You could end up being an author!



  1. I’d like to enter! Thanks for notifying me G!
    Username: ah cat, I forgot it! 😉 Kidding, it’s LuckyWingrulespop.
    Email: I generally covert my email like Dr Hare guards the last carrot on earth, but it’s
    No one spam me. Death will befall you.
    Blogging XP: I’ve been blogging about 3 months. I know, not long, but I enjoy it!
    Activeness: I’m on for a lot of the day, 6 days a week. I don’t work Sundays.
    Discord: I go on Discord sometimes. I haven’t been as much resently, but soon I’ll be on a little more consistently.
    *Phew!* Hope I get it!


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