New Store Items + A New Contest!

What up Hop-tropicans? I’m here to tell you about brand new store items and…a new Poptropica contest! Who’s ready for a lot of reading?


First off, new store items have been added to the store! These items are called Spray Tan!, the White Terrier, the Tabby CatTropic Beachwear 1Tropic Beachwear 2, and Scuba Gear.


However, Spray Tan! and Tropic Beachwear 2 are members only. But because of the White Terrier and Tabby Cat, it’s finally official: Non-Members can have pets! I also helped my friend Purple Claw in naming his White Terrier. And the name is…Choppy!screenshot_40

Using Spray Tan!, you can give any Poptropican a nice little tan!screenshot_41


“The #PoptropicaArt contest showed the Poptropica Creators that so many of you are talented artists. Now we want you to tap back into those creative juices for a brand new challenge!”- Skinny Moon

And so… here comes the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!


This contest is where you create your dream costume. The winner’s costume will be sold in the Poptropica Store and will be worn by a Poptropican on Home Island. PLUS the winner will get a 6-month Poptropica membership!

They also included some guidelines.

You can use our template to draw your outfit. Or draw your Poptropican’s outfit freehand. Or draw your creation using your computer or tablet. Whatever you want!

Use your imagination! Get inspired by your favorite movies or TV shows and put your own original twist on them. Or think about your favorite activities, sports, and hobbies, and base a costume around one of them. Check out your favorite magazines and take a cue from the latest trends. The sky’s the limit!

Don’t forget about fun accessories and powers that your costume could have!

When you design your costume, be sure it could be reproducable as a Poptropica Costume. Teeny tiny details would be hard to recreate for a store costume.

Your costume needs to be an original design of yours, not an assembly of current Poptropica costume parts.

Three entries maxiumum per person!

Give your costume a name and put your Poptropican’s name on it, and if you want, your age. Do not include your last name or where you live. For example, your entry could say something like “Winter Fun Outfit by Happy Catfish, age 14.”

Skinny Moon actually added some MEMES in this Creator’s Blog post.



But don’t worry everyone, I am sure Success Kid will not steal the prizes.

I also made two entries of my own, Candy Craze and Trendy Tree.


I’m really enjoying everything the contest, and the new cards are cool.





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