Moana Makeover

*hop, hop, hop,* Oh, hello!

Today a new ad has arrived! This one is for the Disney movie Moana, coming in theaters November 23d!

Along with the ad itself, Home Island has had a HUGE makeover! All the buildings have been tropically updated!


But that’s just the beginning. The real fun is in the building right here!


There are two games to play here for prizes, and they are called Wayfinder Adventure and Kakamora Collection.


The object of Kakamora Collection is to find pieces to a boat. It is similar to past ads where you have to search for items with a time limit.


The prizes for this game are a Water Burst power and a Pua Follower.


In the next game, Wayfinder Adventure, the object is to dodge obstacles in your boat, but you have 5 lives.


The prizes for this game are a Water Power card and a Hei Hei Hat.


And look at that! I’ve been Moana-fied!


This has to be one of the best ads ever! *hops away* Bye!


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