Interviews on the Hump Week 2 (ON THURSDAY) ; Tall Cactus!

Welcome back to Interviews on the Hump! On a Thursday! I seriously had no time yesterday for this.

But without further ado, let’s get straight into this. This week I interviewed Tall Cactus! You can check out her blog too right here.

G: What is your favorite Pop island?

TC: Counterfeit, Because of Balloon Boy and Black Widow’s debuts, no doubt

G: Least favorite? (I bet I already know this one lol)


G: Where did you find Chu Chu TV and those other weird kids cartoons on YouTube?

TC: So one day in early August, Shaky Skunk or someone else posted this ODI video on YouTube, and we eventually found all the ODI songs, and I was obsessed. Then a couple weeks later, Marshmallow posted a pic from one of the Chu Chu TV videos, the Hands Shoulders Knees and Toes one. So I looked it up on YouTube, and there it was. More happened but that’s the basic story.

G: When did you start playing Pop, and how did you discover it?

TC: It was in late March 2015, I was in 5th grade, 11 years old. I was at indoor recess, it was raining, and some of the kids were playing on the computers. I decided to watch them. And BAM, they were playing Poptropica. I immediately got interested. It rained for a few days that week, and everyday they would play Pop. I was hesitant at first, but by the third day or so, I decided to make an account, and Tall Cactus was born.

G: Who is your favorite Poptropica villain?

TC: Black Widow. I don’t know why, there’s just something about her that makes me like her so much, even though I am afraid of spiders

G: What kinds of books do you enjoy?

TC: Anything interesting, really.

G: What’s your favorite part of the Poptropica community?

TC: The blogs, omg the blogs are amazing. I may be biased since I’m a blogger myself, but I seriously love all the fan blogs. The people in the community are nice, too.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this week’s Interviews on the Hump (On Thursday!)






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