Interviews on the Hump: Week 1; Shaky Skunk!

Welcome to the first week of Interviews on the Hump! This week, I interviewed Shaky Skunk, the creator and founder of the Poptropica Skunk Blog. Let’s get started!

G: What is your favorite island?

Shaky Skunk: I can’t decide, but Red Dragon Island is one of my personal favourites.

G: Least favourite?

Shaky Skunk: Monkey Wrench Island.

G: When did you start playing Poptropica, and what got you interested in it?

Shaky Skunk: It was either 2007 or 2008. An advertisement on Funbrain got my sister and I hooked.

G: Thoughts on New Pop?

Shaky Skunk: Well, I’m less anxious about it after that sneak peek, that’s for sure. 😛

G: What other hobbies do you have?

Shaky Skunk: Drawing, playing with my birds, and of course, playing Poptropica. I’ve most recently started writing Poptropica fanfictions, so I guess you could call that a hobby, too.

G: Who is your favorite Poptropica villain?

Shaky Skunk: Binary Bard.

G: Overall, what’s your favourite part of the community?

Shaky Skunk: The community itself. Everyone is so welcoming, and the members are awesome in their own way.

This has been the first week of Interviews on the Hump! Hope you enjoyed!



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