IotM: Oct(sp00p)tober

Yep, it’s official. New Islands of the Month! This month, we be gettin’ sp00py…

Since it is a new month, that means Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter Island will no longer be giving extra credits upon completion. Well then, let’s get into this month’s islands

This month’s islands are Monster Carnival and Mythology Island!october-poptropica-islands-of-the-month

Monster Carnival

Kind of an obvious choice, because it’s so sp00py spooky, and it’s the month of Halloween! Cap’n Crawfishy has made a brand new walkthrough for this ever so sp00py spooky island. You can check it out on Poptropica’s YouTube channel.

Mythology Island

Well, the only sp00py scary-ish part of it is the Underworld. This is one of my favorite islands. As with MC, there is a new walkthrough on Poptropica’s YouTube channel made by the one and only Cap’n Crawfishy.

If you prefer written walkthroughs, you can check out the PHB if you’d like, and written walkthroughs are coming soon to this blog, so be ready.

Like last month, after completing an IotM for the first time, you’ll get 500 credits, and if you replay an IotM you’ll get 300 credits.

Now excuse me while I play Mythology (my favorite island) a million times.


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