Getting (Un)-Fashionable In Fall/Reviews from PHC members!

Ello peoples, there are some new cards in the store. (That period was a sign of boringness)

So, yeah, the Creators made some more Fall Fashion outfits, and I got some reviews from some Poptropicans on the PHC.

Marshmallow: It’s better than last years fall fashion, which was just flannel, a beanie, and jeans lol

Perfect Sky: Tbh, the outfits are ugly

Idk: Poptropica’s trying to be hip with the kids, maybe this is the sneak peek of the new Poptropica!!!111!!

Yujo Jacy the Jumpy Coyote: I like the “Rust Red” color of the cards

Tall Cactus: Ew

Short Feather: fashion disaster

Yep, I agree with everyone’s thoughts, the outfits absolutely look horrible. Although I also agree with Yujo, I like the color.

I almost forgot, here’s what the outfits look like: 

Special thanks to idk for notifying me about the new cards

Well, bye. Be sure to put your opinions in the comments below.



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