Welcome to the PFAG!

Hi fellow Poptropicans! Welcome to Poptropica Fun And Guides (PFAG for short)! On this blog, there will be everything Poptropica, all with me, Cuddly Brain! Temporarily, I will be the only author while this place is under construction, but I promise I will hire others once the time is right. I will tell you a bit about me:

Other blogs I work on: The Poptropica Times https://poptropicatimesblog.wordpress.com/  Short Feather’s Popup https://shortfetherspopup.wordpress.com/

Birthday: January 1st (New Year’s Day!) 🙂

Favorite Poptropica Islands: Mythology, Monster Carnival, Super Villain

Least Favorite Poptropica Islands: Galactic Hot Dogs (obviously), Super Power

Favorite Colors: Blue and Orange

Games I Play (Other Than Poptropica): Pokemon Go, Minecraft

Favorite Musicians/Bands/Composers: Owl City, Antonio Vivaldi, Katy Perry

I hope you guys like me, more next time on the PFAG!


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